3D Animation Video

3D animated videos get down to a deep level of explanation of a product that is very difficult to do with a normal one. Addpro creates realistic object visuals making it more clear, precise and much easy to understand by the customer. When used in advertising, marketing and sales, 3D animation makes your business look more sophisticated, cutting-edge and artistic.

2D animation video

Addpro creates a fresh and engaging way to engage your audience about your products or services through 2D animated videos. We deliver bespoke 2D animated videos using different templates which best suits your brand. Due to the artistic freedom offered by technology, our works display a high level of talent and creativity.

White board Animation

Addpro uses minimalistic visuals for whiteboard animation in a very distinctive, deliberate way with hand-drawings, professional voiceover, and background music. Our whiteboard animation attracts the attention of the viewer not because there’s a lot going on on the screen – but because the imagery used is stark and different from everything else.