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CRM / SFA Applications

Sales Force

Sales Force Automation Customization in Bangalore

It is an important tool for which you need our service to excel in your business.  It is one of the best cloud based CRM applications that are formulated to provide indigenous solutions for all types of business needs.  We offer excellent and unique solutions, with which you can almost reach to your next step instantly.  With our expertise in sales force customization we provide integrated solutions to augment your business application at every step with every business level. 

With efficient sales force customization we keep you tuned for the next generation of business.  To obtain a better understanding of your business we understand that entire day to day activities need to be analyzed.  We produce a suitable business module to handle everything you require.  Our expertise to customize Salesforce implementation, exactly to match your business requirements even after you expands your business, making the entire business process resulting in better ROI.  Independence of selection for a suitable model of application renders its widespread popularity. 

We have different well known Sales force applications.

Sales cloud applications customized to boost up sales that you always had in your plans.
Service cloud applications that are meticulously designed to provide global customer service and support with real time accountability.
Marketing cloud applications designed with integrity to look after your social marketing strategies
Sales Force Chatter applications indigenously designed to look after sales, after sales services and marketing.
Sales force platform devised to perform compelling and comprehensive  platform to manage all your websites and its functions. 

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Zoho CRM Partners in Bangalore

Concentrating on small and medium businesses ZOHO CRM provides suitable solutions.  It is one of the most affordable cost effective CRM programs.  Wide array of functionalities covering entire business needs at a fraction of cost is another notable point of the Zoho CRM services.  A powerful tool that covers flawless applications for entire organizational functions such as marketing, sales, customer support, and inventory management under one single platform. 

Implementation of Zoho CRM automation to increase sales productivity, very good customer relationship that in turn helps to increase sales and service.  Advantage of Zoho CRM is being Web based applications and very easy to implement and there is no need to install any hardware or software. 

We provide very good ZOHO customer relationship management programming that following includes modules,

  • Sales force management that includes Lead management, potential management, Customer/account management and Forecasting.
  • Marketing automation using unique techniques like campaign and templates other appropriate methods.
  • Contact Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer support
  • Vendor management
  • Activity management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Website automation
  • Billing and Payment management
  • CRM analytics and reporting
  • Our program is provided with excellent integrity accessible through web or through your mobile.

Jumpstart your business with our able, competent ZOHO CRM service implementation.  We are specialists in providing CRM applications.  We influence our vast, in depth CRM expertise to track to have good hold on your business and customer management requirements ensuring to leverage ZOHO CRM to business requirements.  We implement, compile, and train your staff to kick start with CRM to get all seamless benefits.  We know how to keep track your business with user friendly interfacing not making too complex to handle the program.  We understand that everyone that are there are not IT savvy and we make it perfectly fit to use by the laymen.  We produce perfect system that match with your business requirement and simple to handle augments your organization immensely. 


We know that always customer’s satisfaction is very significant for any business to thrive to reach sky heights. Our sugar CRM services provide very good service to your organization. We create superior quality advanced CRM programs that can track entire activities of the company effectively and efficiently that helps any business to outreach their opponents. Our sugar CRM effectively implements next gen solutions for our esteemed clients that are customized to suit all the concerns pertaining to sales and marketing.

Our team of expert members with high efficiency and proficiency, effectively implement and expertise solutions to make your business success beyond imaginations. They will provide

  • Account creations and management
  • Easy set-up and management
  • Sales lead creations and management
  • Track sales opportunities
  • Work flow and contract management
  • Creation of effective corporate calendar
  • Creation of advance reports
  • Manage customer information
  • Email campaign management
  • All our applications are very easy to manage, and they are all web based and intuitive.
  • Unique tools to manage entire operations segmented according to the needs and requirements of the company.

With our services you can add multiple aspects for your prospective businesses, good co-ordination between sales team and management team and one can close the business with the help of successfully created import product catalogues. Our sugar CRM methods are quite effective that enables sales people to manages their sales effectively and beneficially for the company. It also enables the accounting people to operate entire accounts with much ease and comforts.

We allow an integrated provision of E-mail campaign management. It can be customized according to clients requirements, at each and every stage of implementation of Sugar CRM.

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