The Different Ways To Enhance Leads In LinkedIn

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The social media platform has played a vital role in enhancing business across the world. By creating a strong and an impactful profile on the social network, it has helped to establish a strong customer relation and enhanced leads, thereby increasing business revenues. Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn helps to provide value to the customer while enabling opportunities to engage with your business and effectually develop your creditability as a trusted resource.

Let us now understand different ways which would help to etch your business in LinkedIn.

1.Identify the relevant prospects through LinkedIn search bar

You can achieve a good business if you can target the right audiences that have the authority to buy. You cannot get complacent with likes and followers, it is important that all your likes and followers should get converted into leads. Target the top official of those audiences who is inclined or related to your product.  Focus on the users who can understand the technical benefits of your business. Talk to CEO’s, CMO’s, COO’s etc. and reach them to explain about your business prospects.

Supposing you own an e-learning tool that would help learners understand concepts easily by using effective videos and images, all you would do is to connect to schools, colleges, corporate offices to manifest your tool features and hype your business.

Once you connect with the appropriate audience, prepare a document with a list of your audience and arrange a small meeting to justify your product. Don’t be disheartened with a negative response. Keep a track of all your calls and make successive attempts until your reach your goal. The tracker sheet will help you keep updated on the stages of lead conversation.


2.Establish a connection with your visitors on LinkedIn

It is very important to get in touch with the relevant visitor to your LinkedIn account. This would help to have a personalised connection and build a relationship of trust and loyalty with them. But, how do we track the visitors? The process is simple. Just simply add the following code to your website and you can get to see who actually viewed your LinkedIn profile on your dashboard.

By knowing their interests and likings from their profile, you can segregate the most relevant audience and send them a personalized email from your business account and gently explain the features of your products. By composing a nice introduction message, explaining in brief about your product portfolio will help the visitor understand the services that your offer.

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3.Share usable content to your target audience

Once you establish a connection, it is important to keep your relationship active by sharing best content which will boost the interest of the audience. It will help to build credibility with your target leads.


4.Develop healthy engagements with your audience

As Charlie-Helen Robinson has rightly said, that “In the social age, knowledge is only powerful if you share what you know”.

This is the best way to engage with your audience, it will build a strong connection. Whenever there is a discussion in the group of your chosen circle, share your views and opinion with an idea to improve relation and not for self-promotion. The more you keep things simple and easy, the better your audience will reach you for more services.

By implementing these tips, you could use your LinkedIn profile to develop a steady flow of leads for your business.


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