4-Reasons why website is Important

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professionally built website

Website development is rapidly growing around the globe as a tool of business development. But, many of us do not know what importance does a website holds in growth of a business. The life of today is majorly based on computers. Everything that we see around has a deep-rooted link to online networks. If we are in an office, there is no chance that a day goes without web surfing in order to keep the wheel of the company running.

4-Reasons why website needed for Business

We see a lot of startups struggling to establish their foot in the market. However, it is a bitter truth that many of them fail to catch as much targeted audience as they expect in the first place. What brings them down? It is majorly because they underestimate the capability of a developed website to earn business for them. Website development for business purposes can prove quite fruitful. Let’s look at some of the important reasons why a website is important for business growth.

24/7 Accessibility

If you come up with a business strategy and establish a physical outlet for your company, you might catch audience throughout the day when you are there. However, if you believe that this is all what you need to grow, that’s where you are wrong. People are quite tied up with their daily life and busy routines. So, it is not possible for everyone to part time to visit your office.
If you develop a website for the same business plan as an online forum, there is a fair chance of catching a lot of audience online to link up with you. It is because people are wired up with internet day in and night out. They prefer to look into everything the shortest way possible. Fill up your website with all the basic information and data. People will be able to access it even in the oddest hour of the day.


With a well-developed website, people can always tune in and look for what they need. They would pretty much appreciate to cut the effort of going down to a physical location while they can get it all online. So, if you are a service provider or a product seller, put it all on your website to earn business which you otherwise might not.
Make sure your website is developed to ease things up and not to confuse the visitors in order to catch a greater audience with positive ratings.

Worldwide Marketing

With an online website, you can link up to social forums and market your product/service to a massive audience all around the globe. You can regularly advertise and share your work on social forums to gain more than actually targeted audience. Great isn’t it?
Put your keen focus in your company’s website. It is not less than a brochure and it develops your company’s image.

Credible Source

A website is the most credible platform of a company/organization. Your official website can even function as your sole office. If your company’s physical location is not on an easy access or it is not being managed well, you can overcome the worries by focusing on your website.
Promote your services by a few clicks and you can grab the attention of consumers from various parts of the world. The website of a company can prove remarkable to gain business not only in a shorter time but also with a much bigger audience.

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Why-Ecommerce is so Important

Why Is E-Commerce So Important?

E-commerce seems to be everywhere these days. So why is e-commerce important? It is a rapidly growing consumer outlet that isn’t showing signs of slowing down. If you’re selling something, and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future, you’ll want to pay attention to e-commerce and become an active participant as soon as it’s feasible for your business.

Why-Ecommerce is so Important

Advantages of E-Commerce

Here are a few of the major benefits e-commerce can provide:

Attract New Customers

Online retailers have greater visibility to a wider audience. Whereas a physical store may only be known to passersby, an e-commerce store can be accessed and viewed by an unbounded number of internet users. If your site is optimized properly, you can reach a slew of new customers via their search queries on engines like Google and Bing. The more optimized your site is, the higher up in the results it will display and the more new customers you can attract.

If customers are happy with your products, social sharing makes it easy for them to share their satisfaction with friends and family. This functions in the same way as word-of-mouth does for physical stores, but with the internet, consumers can provide a direct link to the product on your site.

No Geographical Limitations

Similar to its ability to attract new customers, e-commerce theoretically allows you to sell to customers without geographical limitations. Now this, of course, depends on how far you’re willing to ship a product, but the opportunity is there.

More Accessible

Unlike a physical store, the internet, and therefore your e-commerce store, is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. This makes your store and its products more accessible to consumers. E-commerce can also be accessed anywhere with internet capabilities. Consumers no longer have to spend time and money traveling to your location.

Customer Analytics

The power of customer analytics can help you refine everything from the products you offer to the way you market those products. You might be able to gather some customer information in a physical store, but it would be labor intensive and potentially inaccurate. With e-commerce, all you need to do is drop a piece of code into your HTML markup and the rest happens automatically.

Automation of Discounts

E-commerce allows you to automate discounts and sales. You can set discount codes on the back-end of your site and create expiration for them. This mitigates the possibility of mistakenly accepting an expired coupon which could occur at a physical store.You can also immediately notify customers of any sales directly on the site. Each product is clearly marked without much manual labor as is required in physical stores.

Lower Costs

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Google AdWords Is Now Google Ads

This year, Google has already unleashed some helpful updates. But nothing compares to what happened on June 27, When Google announced a complete rebrand of its advertising products.

Google has rebranded AdWords as Google Ads and consolidated its other advertising products into Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager.

The change is intended to make it easier for small business to advertise across all PPC channels, according to Google, and for enterprise-level advertisers to take advantage of advanced forecasting and intelligence technologies.

Google Ads

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is intended to make it easier for main street brick-and-mortars to advertise across partner pages, video, search, and more in order to reach potential buyers.

For small businesses Google is introducing Smart Campaigns, an easier way to target visitors who are ready to call, visit the store to make a purchase or go online.

According to Google:

Smart campaigns are 3 times better at getting your ad in front of the right audience. The point of the new Google Ads is to make it easier to advertise beyond the search box and to make it easier for businesses to create ads that help sell.This should have the effect of spreading the advertising budget across a wide range of ad-driven websites.

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is the integration of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 Suite. There are solutions for small and enterprise level businesses.

According to the Google Marketing Platform Page: Google Marketing Platform brings together DoubleClick Digital Marketing and the Google Analytics 360 Suite to help you plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place. Google Marketing Platform helps you deliver more relevant and effective marketing while ensuring that you respect your customers’ privacy and give them control over their data.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manageris also an integration of various advertising related products.  DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

Among the highlights of the new Google Ad Manager:

  • Features algorithms to suggest growth opportunities
  • Provides intelligence on ad inventory
  • Connects Google Analytics, Data Studio, and BigQuerydata for an integrated overview

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The Importance of Design in Your Marketing Efforts

Design in marketing is more than the logos, images, page layouts, and unique fonts that comprise your brand’s aesthetic; it is the corpus callosum that connects your company to your brand, and ultimately to your customer. The level of care with which you designed your product or service should be reflected in how you market it.

Many companies rely on whatever limited design resources they have to get by, rather than using a dedicated professional. While doing the design work yourself can reduce costs in the short term, the benefits of engaging a design agency to craft a cohesive design for your marketing are far-reaching and can inoculate your business against some of the pitfalls that weak design can bring.

Here are three reasons why design is so important to marketing.


Design Drives Conversion

At every stage in building a marketing campaign for your product, the central question is how do you create engagement with the customer and how do you convert that engagement to your desired outcome? How does a call to action become a sale? How does an experience with an ad become brand loyalty? Beyond excellent concept and copy, design is what makes a pitch and evolves it into an emotional response from your customer. How your marketing material flows, the images that you connect with your brand, the colors, shapes, and the feel of your business in the eyes of the customer is often exclusively dependent on your design.

Design Makes Your Product Visible

Think about the amount of advertising an average person sees on a daily basis. From the feeds on social media to banners of websites, marketing is absolutely everywhere. The demands for attention are constant.  Eye-catching, elegant, and persuasive design is what separates successful marketing from everything else bombarding your prospective customer in the digital space.

Social media has become a dominant force in how products are marketed, and in the social media landscape content is king. Photos and videos are the most shared items on every platform both of which rely heavily on design to be engaging.

Marketing is the conversation you have with your customers to engage them with your product. Branding is the personality that you project in that conversation. In the age of social media excellent design can be the element that pushes your company forward. It can be the first impression you make or the differentiator of your product/service.

But ultimately what is most important is that design can play a role in why your target audience converts. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is often driven by strategic and concise design decisions, as simple as changing the color and location of a button on a page, that can yield significant increases in conversions and other desirable customer behaviors. It’s design decisions like these that are responsible for the experience a customer has once they interact with your product/service.  Not only does it make the purchase process easier and more viable for your customers, but it can help provide important information that can impact all aspects of your business.

Design Elevates Your Brand

Your customers can recognize the difference between good and bad design. You only have a few seconds to convince a potential customer from sticking around to learn more about your offering. Good design creates confidence in your business. You know the feeling of visiting a cluttered, outdated website and the assumptions you make about the company that owns it.

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Instagram Video Chat Camera Effects

Instagram Launches Topic Channels In Explore, Video Chat in Direct & New Camera Effects

Last month, at the F8 Developers Conference, Facebook made a number of new announcements about coming features for Instagram. The company began rolling out the latest updates, which include bringing video chat to Instagram Direct, a new batch of camera effects and Topic Channels in Explore.

The video chat in Instagram Direct will allow up to four people at a time to talk via video as long as they’re already connected in Direct. If a user has blocked or muted someone in Direct, that person will not be able to enter or start a video chat via the platform.

Instagram Video Chat Camera Effects

The new camera effects include filters designed by Ariana Grande, BuzzFeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel and the NBA. To have access to any of the new effects, users will have to follow the relevant accounts.

While the new camera effects and video chat feature are primarily consumer-driven features, the new Topic Channels in Explore will have the greater impact on brands and influences. Instagram is using Topic Channels to organize content in the Explore tab, where content is curated based on a user’s behavior.

With topic channels, you can be more intentional about how you navigate posts on Explore. When you open the page, you’ll see a tray at the top with personalized channels. This includes a ‘For You’ channel, which has a mix of posts tailored to your interests. You’ll also see channels on the topic[s] you might like, such as Art, Sports, Beauty or Fashion, as well as a list of hashtags.

Instagram is also giving users the ability to control what Topic Channels show up in their Explore tab. A channel can be removed from a feed by pressing and holding down the channel to select the “Mute” option. Instagram says this will send the channel to the end of the “tray” and that channels can be unmuted at any time. Users can also swipe up on a channel to go deeper into topic contents.

Before Topic Channels, the Explore tab was a collection of posts tailored by Instagram to match the user’s interests. With channels now in place, Instagram will be able to curate more content and organize it by specific interest areas — giving users the chance to go deeper into specific topics, and brands and influences more opportunity to have their content show up in front of the users who want to see it.

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Twitter Ads

Twitter’s New Ad Transparency Center Shows All Ads Shown in Past 7 Days

Twitter has made a number of changes, small and big, to drive user engagement and improve the overall on boarding and experience of the platform.Twitter is rolling out phase two of its efforts to bring more transparency around political ad campaigns.

Twitter Ads

Anyone around the globe will be able to search ads displayed on Twitter within the last seven days via the app’s new Ad Transparency Center. The searchable database is available to everyone, meaning you won’t have to have a Twitter account to perform a search. Twitter’s Ad Transparency Center will include ads from Twitter advertisers, both in the US and global advertisers; although with this rollout, the only searchable political ads are ones attached to US elections.

To view ads from any advertiser you will be able to simply search for a specific handle and see the creative for all ad campaigns that have run within the last seven days from that handle.

Twitter has plans to eventually include ads for political elections outside the US but says more research needs to be done on that front.  It is examining how to adapt and internationalize both political campaigning and issue ads policies. It is doing its due diligence to get this right and will have more updates to come.

For US political ad campaigns that fall under Twitter’s new Political Campaigning Policy, Twitter’s Ad Transparency Center will also display billing information for the advertiser, ad spend, impression data per tweet and demographic targeting data.

On May 30, Twitter launched the first phase of its effort to address abuse and the malicious behavior that plagued the platform during the 2016 elections. The company began including labels on US midterm election candidates, stating the office the candidate is running for, the state location of the office and the district number. US midterm political candidates also got a “clearly identifiable” small icon of a government building beside their name within their Twitter bio.

Facebook is also taking up the fight to tackle abuse on its platform. The company has recently outlined new rules around political ads and rolled out a similar searchable database of political ad campaigns.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Starts Showing All Ads a Page is Running

Facebook is continuing its transparency efforts around Pages and ads, now including an “Info & Ads” section on Pages that list all ads the Page has run across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, as well as Facebook’s partner networks.

This means anyone can go to a Page and see its full scope of advertising, regardless of whether the ads were originally targeting the user or not. There will also be an option on the ad to flag if it’s suspicious by clicking on the “Report Ad” button.

Facebook Ads

In addition to showing all the ads a Page has run, Facebook is sharing detailed information on the Page, including its creation date and if there have been any recent name changes to the Page.

The vast majority of ads on Facebook are run by legitimate organizations — whether it’s a small business looking for new customers, an advocacy group raises money for their cause, or a politician running for office.

This update was first announced in October of last year, along with the recent changes to Facebook’s political ad policies.

Facebook says it has plans to add more Page information soon. It is also rolling out the same political ad labels and its searchable archive of ads.

Facebook and Twitter both have made sweeping changes to their ad policies recently, aiming to protect their platforms against the malicious behavior that happened on the apps. Twitter launched its Ad Transparency Center, a searchable database of ads much like Facebook’s ad archive, making it possible for anyone to see ads that have run on the app during the last seven days.

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Google anounces

Google Announces Google Marketing Platform Partners Program

You may have heard of this little thing called Google. You know, where3.5 billion searches for

information are made per day? But Google is more than just a search engine.

In fact, there are numerous Google business tools in addition to its search engine that can be

hugely valuable if you are a marketer.Google announces

Google is grouping its advertising into three new brands — Google Ads, Google Marketing

Platform and Google Ad Manager — the company is consolidating and updating its marketing

partner program as well.



Google Marketing Platform combines the DoubleClick advertising products and the Google

Analytics 360 Suite into one solution for enterprise advertisers.

The new Google Marketing Platform Partners combines the Google Analytics Certified Partners

and DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners and includes resources across all of the products

on the platform. Whether you’re looking to build skills in-house or partner with a service

provider, the program helps ensure the needed skills and resources are readily available.

There are three partner designations:

  •  Certified Individuals: Those who complete certifications for individual products in the Google Marketing Platform.
  •  Certified Companies: Firms that have certified individuals on staff to provide consulting,training, implementation, operations and technical support and come with “stellar”customer references.
  •  Sales Partners: These firms sell Google Marketing Platform technology on Google’sbehalf. They work more closely with Google in providing services and consulting thanCertified Companies.

There are more than 500 companies currently in the Google Marketing Platform Partners

program. There are resources listed for analytics, Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager,

Creative, Search Ads 360, Attribution, Data Studio, Optimize and Tag Manager.

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campaign run more smoothly with all new updates.

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Adobe Analytics Features

Adobe Ads Batch Of New Marketing Tech And Analytics Features

Adobe has announced a suite of updates to its cloud marketing stack, including attribution improvements and the ability to hyper-personalize ads for marketers in the travel sector.

The software company launched Attribution IQ at Cannes Lions, an update to its Analytics Cloud that will offer marketers a10 different models for measuring the effect of their marketing campaigns.Adobe Analytics Features

The product would allow brands to break from the reliance on first-touch and last-touch attribution to help marketers better understand how today’s customers are influenced.

Attribution IQ is the only solution in-market that allows you to dive deeper into the specific campaigns, products, or internal promotions, giving fair credit to the impact of channels like social and mobile while showing how this differs amongst different individuals, products, or creative campaigns.

The update comes when many retailers are seeing a decline in foot traffic and an insurgence of digital competitors, providing the justification needed to up and secure budgets for creative online campaigns.

Adobe says users of the product could see that paid and organic social are driving customers of particular segments.

Instead of simply comparing display versus social ads, for instance, users can now see how individual campaigns and even specific keywords performed using a rich set of attribution models.

The program will be available within Adobe Analytics’ Analysis Workspace tool, providing a visualized customer journey and all points where the consumer interacted with a brand.

Tracking travelers

Adobe’s Experience Cloud claims use from nine out of 10 of the world’s largest hotel chains and seven out of 10 of the largest airlines, and some powerful new features are now available to track travelers across touch points and use the amassed data for powerful personalized advertising.

However, the expanded integration between Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager could help an airline understand this as one customer journey, allowing marketers to better analyze consumers’ needs at each step and drive customer experiences “quickly and at scale”.

This would improve brands’ capacity to personalize ads based on data such as purchase history, loyalty program status and online actions.

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Digital Marketing Influence

4 Ways Digital Marketing Is Influencing User Choice & Customer Acquisition

As the world changes steadily, so does the market. Gone are the days of spending a significant amount of cash on creating the perfect ad and product pitch. With the advent of digital and social media marketing, you can increase your sales value easily. Both the corporate giants and the SMEs have a level playing ground when it comes to product promotion and sales; all that matters is the product (service) efficiency and quality. These days, the consumer choice is influenced by creative advertisements marketed towards a target audience thus making it much more successful than traditional adverts.Without further ado, let’s get down to the brass tacks of digital marketing

Digital Marketing Influence

Analytics And The Market: Numbers Don’t Lie

Analytics is the key for understanding and conceptualizing business practices. Understanding what customers browse, site hits and customer density helps companies decide the target audience based and marketing strategies which revolve around time, geographical location, price range etc. These data points are important in targeting acquisitions and help companies understand the best time or site to target their digital marketing efforts on.

Market dynamics have changed forever. With the explosion of the smartphone industry, especially in emerging countries like India, the customer base has increased and expanded ten folds. The Indian market has been the best place to experiment with analytics and market trends by big companies and startups alike. It has the population to analyze and the economic difference to experiment with market trends. Indian startups and MNCs have welcomed this new-age smartphone proliferation, which has increased the slow but steady growth of online transactions.

Social Media – The Great Equalizer

Social media has undoubtedly played a huge factor in digital marketing. The companies realized that products only sell when people talk about them. Facebook not only changed the social interaction scene but also ushered in the next generation of marketing ploys. Companies now connect to their customer base through social media platforms using it as both a catalog and a medium to interact better. Organizations pickup on viral trends and use it to attract customers to buy more.

Creative content is the go-to when it comes to communicating with the target audience, mostly youngsters who spend a majority of their time on the social media. Social media has been the biggest game-changer in terms of building and growing a loyal subscriber base. Not just this, companies like Facebook curate advertisements and suggestions based on user searches as well. Digital marketing is the new ‘pay to play’. You pay for your content to be advertised and reach out to a wider audience. This is same for both big and small players.

Big Data Helps Understand the Audience Better

Most companies, irrespective of their size (startups or established) agree that knowing the customer is the key to selling products better. But how exactly do they accomplish it? The answer is Big Data! Companies analyze customer behavior & needs like trends of shopping by studying the data. This in turn fuels the marketing strategy. Users are constantly connected to the digital world through their phones and mobile devices. The data consumed each second is recorded and analyzed to better target the audience.

Big data is one of the newest tools that the companies use these days to maximize their understanding of the customer base. Companies use this data to suggest the user relevant product and effectively influence their choices. What started off as a tool to understand the user needs better has been transformed into a tool to test the market. The use of Big Data is pivotal in impacting user choice. Even smaller startups are using this trend to increase and maximize their output.

SEO: Better Rankings, More Traffic & Greater Sales

With the help of Google (and other search engines), customers rely on their own research to come to well-informed decisions about products. SEO Analytics has emerged from nobody to one of the most market-effective tools to determine search optimization. It is more important to understand what the user searches and relay back information based on what they search.

Companies do not rely just on keyword stuffing and link spamming anymore. They rely on closely observed data of customer searches and modifications. SEO will be there for years to come and will always be dynamic, as the customer base is dynamic. As digital marketing progresses, so does our understanding of better SEO techniques and tools.

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