KGI Case Study - Digital Strategy

Case Study: Addpro’s digital strategy enhanced KGI’s growth

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows- Sydney J. Harris

The objective of KGI (Koshys Group of institutions) 

Every educational institution is built on a common objective of grooming the lives of the future generations. They do not consider this as a business and only aimed at inviting candidates with the right profiles to get an exposure and develop their skill sets. KGI (Koshys Group of Institutions) is a premier institute of Management and Nursing education in Bangalore. They wanted to enlighten candidates on various branches of study and hence, they were looking for a digital partner to enhance their Lead generation for admission across India.

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Website Redesign Strategy

When do we actually think of re-vamping or website redesigning?

Website redesign strategy

We decide to do a make-over or revamping only when we feel that something has not got enough attention as required or as it used to be earlier. Therefore, be it home, office or even your business website, a website redesigning or re-vamping would be mandatory if it has failed to create an impact.

A website redesigning comes into picture when the current website doesn’t reveal completely about business objectives. The design should encompass some of the vital points. Such as:

  1. The mission, vision, and goal of the company should be clearly defined in the design of the website.
  2. The brand identity should be etched keeping all the key factors of the business intact.
  3. The website on itself should be able to convey the business perception.
  4. The website should reveal the features and benefits of the products and provide enough information that would create a clear image of the product on the viewer’s mind.
  5. It should have enticing colors and images to grab the attention of the audience.

If the above points have not been included in a website, then definitely, it needs to be rejuvenated with help of an authentic digital strategist who can provide an optimum solution to imbibe best methodology and feature to give a new look to your brand.

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sphoorti case study - Does your brand experience enough recognition

Sphoorti enjoys 85% growth with Addpro’s comprehensive digital strategy

What is a Brand???

A strong brand is the backbone of any successful business. A brand needs to build an image in the minds of the audience. It should be able to convey the business vision and goals to the end-user. As it is well said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in room”, therefore a brand should etch a lasting impression. To achieve this significance of a brand it is vital to enhance the brand identity with some expert help. The digital marketing agency inculcates strong branding techniques and strategy to promote brand among multitudes. There are several digital marketing agencies that provide comprehensive service in branding, however, each of these follows different methodology to achieve the desired result.

Meet Addpro Network- the best partner for your brand promotions

Addpro Network, a leading digital marketing agency in Bangalore understands that “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person” and hence keeping vital features such as vision, goals, ethics and culture of the brand, they build a strong image for the business of their potential customers. They work on the core potentials and strength of the business and suggest the best creative and digital strategy enhance the business in the competitive market. To understand their strong contribution in promoting the brand, let us look into the case study of one of their clients, Sphoorti Machine Tools Pvt Ltd. Bangalore.

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fruit papa search flow

Fruit Papa Ecommerce Design Case Study

Client’s requisition

FruitPapa, a start-up company wanted a digital partner to promote their business in selling a wide variety of fruits through online. They looked for a creative strategist to develop an alluring logo design and an authentic web-store to enhance their business growth.

Addpro’s Resolution

Addpro Network partnered with them and provided a complete branding and creative solution to etch their brand identity. We developed a best online store which provided great user experience and enriched the visitor with a strong content and image. We ensure that the e-commerce site encompasses rich content, user-friendly features, and smooth accessibility.

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Netrack India Case Study

Netrack india

Client’s Requisition

Netrack, a leading manufacturer of organizational Networking rack products for servers and datacenters desired to rebrand their brand image and looked for creative and brand partner who would define and showcase their product portfolio with exemplary images, product description and specification. The wanted a digital platform that would provide the visitor a best digital user experience ensemble with smooth navigation and cater every requirement from the purchaser’s point of view. They also wanted to etch their profile in various social media platforms, endorse their products through effective promotions and blogging.

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10 vital Google+ tips to augment your SEO ranking

How can Google+ accelerate SEO ranking?


Did you know that Google+ is the second most popular social media platform next to Facebook? Well, it must be surprising but it is has a whopping crowd of 300 million active users than Twitter. It is indeed a booster to enhance your SEO ranking and this is no surprise, because Google being one of the popular search engines, people use it more often to find results for their searches. The Google +, which is one of its services can boost your searchability if own your profile here, so, when you search your brand or keyword in Google, the top result will be on Google+ than in Facebook or twitter.

Now, how would you emphasize the Google+ features to augment your SEO ranking?

There are ten vital tips that will enable your brand to rise in the SEO ranking ladder.Let us see them one by one:

Tip 1:  Do you have a Google+ account? No?  Don’t panic there are many who don’t have, you can always open an account in Google+ anytime and enjoy its benefits in enhancing your business. So, what are you waiting for? Click on “Sign Up” and get started right away.

Tip 2: Create an impactful profile. When you edit or set your profile, keep the SEO factor in your mind and add images and details that can attract your audience towards your profile. Try to imbibe keywords, descriptions, and title that best introduces YOUR brand. The profile should create a feeling of authenticity and credibility in the minds of the people. Therefore create a profile with lots of attention and care.


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Important steps to adhere when your Keyword ranking drops in SEO

Important steps to see when your Keyword ranking goes down


Most of the digital branding agencies work to keep their customer’s website visible in the top search results. They ensure to implement enhanced techniques and strategies that fall in the favorite zone of the Google algorithm norms and avoid algorithmic penalties.The experts make sure that the web pages contain relevant keywords maintaining its keyword density. The internal links are given appropriately and exactly without creating confusion to Google while traversing through the web pages.

Even when the experts keep an eagle’s eye on the progress of their website’s ranking with their outstanding SEO activities yet at times, out of the blue, the rankings drop and it will actually whirl their head for a while before they calm down and ponder on WHY the ranking actually dropped. There are many reasons WHY this could happen, let us see a few important points that need to be constantly checked to sustain the website’s visibility in SERP.


  • Check, if Google had updated its algorithm. The Google search engine constantly changes the algorithm to validate the effectiveness of the websites.


 If the answer is “Yes”, then you need to change your SEO strategy according to Google’s new algorithm. Make sure that your blogs or site does not imbue features that force Google to penalize your site or blog. Work on a better strategy and accelerate your site position in SERP.


  • Check, if you have changed the URL of any of your web pages.
  • Check, if you have you removed the targeted keywords from the page title or any headings?
  • Check, if the keyword density is lower that what is used to be?
  • Check, if Google can read all the contents of your pages?

Well the solution to your above questions in affirmation is as below:

If you have changed the URL, please change it back, because Google will think it as a new page, even if the content is same. You could also redirect the old URL (that is 301) to this new URL

If you have changed a keyword, change it immediately and once the ranking is up, you can change the keyword making sure that the keyword has the required keyword density.

Keyword Density

Check with the web development team to ensure that certain structure is changed to facilitate Google to read all the contents on your page.


  • Check, if you have changed or updated the internal links? If yes,

Then check where you have implemented those changes such as in

  • Top Navigation
  • Side navigation
  • Footer navigation
  • Product page
  • Blog post


  • Check if you have recently changed key pages on your sites such as in Home pages, top section pages or in any blogs or articles.
  • Check if any anchor text or links to target pages are updated?

Well, in such cases, here’s the solution:

Track the internal links that you have removed which point to the targeted page, then ensure that you add the updated internal links at appropriate places that can point to those targeted pages. Keep tracking of the ranking, add more internal links to the pages affected and improves its ranking. Please keep in mind that improper internal linking can force Google to drop the website’s ranking.  Ensure that the changes you make are properly linked.


  • Check, if you have recently added new popups that has increased the bounce rate.
  • Check, if your page is taking years to load?
  • Check, if you have changed the page title?


If yes, then,

Talk to your concerned team for a different type of popup, such as Scroll popups, timed popups, Exit Popups. This will not annoy the visitor and also decrease the bounce rate.

If the page is taking years to load, ask the developer to work on your page and eliminate the factors that can improve the server response time. Otherwise, people will not wait and you may lose a bunch of visitors thus reducing your ranking.

If you have changed the page title, then you have no option, Get it back right away.


  • Check if your competitor has better strategy or SEO tactics to edge over you.


competitor analysis

If yes, then it’s really irritating, but you can still get it right, work better than what they want to implement and act faster. You can search in a tool like Versionista or Wayback Machine to find changes in your competitors’ sites. You will definitely race up else you will stay behind, always.

All the factors specified need to be checked and implemented frequently to keep you singing high in the competitive market.

7 Best Off Page Optimization Techniques in 2017

7 Best Off Page Optimization Techniques in 2017

7 Best Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques in 2017

Off page optimization is the technique followed outside the boundaries of the web page to improve its ranking in the search engine result page. Although it is a time-consuming process, however, it enhances the online reputation of the website. It does the background work to improve search ranking which is apparently not visible on the web page itself.

Off page optimization includes acquiring back links, social engagements, social bookmarking, effective blog submission, guest blogging, business listings and forum posting.

Off page SEO Optimization Techniques

  • Acquiring Back links

It is essential to acquire back links to your website from other higher authority sites to fall in the search engine link popularity list. This would help to boost the website’s ranking. Although acquiring backlinks is one of the factors to affect your web ranking position, however, the other factors such as quality content and social media engagement should also be enhanced to achieve the desired result in SERP.

Therefore, the goal is not to build a long list of inbound links rather it demands to build reliable and strong links for your site. It is important to increase the credibility to taste maximum success.

  • Social Engagements

Social Engagements is another way of building links to your site. By placing appropriate contents, videos, infographics, and images in the social platforms such as Facebook, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + etc., will help to promote your brand, better. Involving in active engagements with the audiences will increase the visibility of your brand among masses. This, in turn, increases the traffic to your site and therefore, increases your ranking.

  • Content Submission

It is vital to submit crispy and attractive content on multiple social media channels to experience more social engagements for your brand. There are many other platforms where you can submit your valuable content and expect a bunch of followers to your site. By writing compelling article and blogs you can turn the attention of the reader and accelerate their inquisitiveness towards your brand. Therefore informative, relevant, inspiring, powerful content will definitely improve the trust of the audience for your brand.

  • Social Bookmarking

There are some informative platforms such as Tumbler, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious etc. which invites people to reach for different content. The content in such platforms is frequently updated. You can also add a social bookmarking panel and make your content visible and available for the visitor to read. The platform also allows actively participating in the discussion and imprints your presence with your comment and content.

  • Guest Blogging

Great articles and compelling contents intensify the traffic to your site. You can also place the comment on other websites and add the link to your website. This will automatically create a path to your brand website.

  • Business Listings

The online directories such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Yellow book etc. will help to augment local businesses.  By including the local business in these online directories will ease people searches on relevant brand its products. This will definitely improve your online visibility.

  • Forum postings

In the forum page, you can actively participate in the discussion held on various questionnaires’ asked by different businesses or end-users. You can leave your website link in your signature which will help people track your brand.

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Branding glossary

Brand Glossary in 2017


There are many terminologies used in branding. It is vital to understand its explicit meaning rather than literal understanding. The terms used in branding are simple but have an in-depth meaning which clearly defines its purpose. Let us see some of the important terminologies used in branding.

1>        Brand: – A distinguished identity of a seller’s product describing its name, design, symbol etc. It is a unique image of the product.

2>        Brand Architecture: – It means how an organisation structures and names the brand within its portfolio. There are three different types of brand architecture. They are monolithic, endorsed, and freestanding.

  • Monolithic: it refers to the single master brand which is used by all products and services of that company.
  • Freestanding: – This means that the brands are designed to work entirely on their own. For example General Motors and it family of brands such as Chevrolet, Buick etc.
  • Endorsed: – This means that the brands are designed to work in sync with the other by means of verbal or visual endorsements.

3>        Brand Equity:  – It is the commercial value that is obtained from the end-users perception of the brand name of any particular product or services, rather than the product itself.

4>        Brand Extension: – It is the concept of utilizing established brand name or trademark on new products to maximize sales

5>        Brand harmonization: – It means that all the products and services under the same brand have a consistent name, visual identity and positioning across geographic markets.

6>        Brand Image:- It is an impact or an influence of brand’s personality in the consumer’s mind.

7>        Brand Identity:- It means that the various components of the brand such as name, logo, tagline etc. are developed by the product owners to reflect the image and value of the company and how it has to be perceived or should appeal  to its customers.

8>        Brand Management: – It refers to the complete planning and structure involved on how a brand has to perceive in the market.

9>        Brand personality: – It means personification of the brand. It means to associate human personality traits to a brand. For example: Dove soap endorses as being honest, feminist and optimistic.

10>      Brand positioning:- It actually reasons out on why you need to buy a particular brand compared to other brands .it emphasises on key factors and benefits rendered to consumers by the brand.

11>      Co-Branding: It is the marketing partnership between two different brands of product or services.

12>      Intangible: – An intangible asset lacks physical substance, it signifies trademarks, copyrights, patents, design rights, databases etc.

13>      Repositioning: – It means to change the target market’s understanding of the product. When the product shows declining performance, then it becomes vital to change the position of the brand to enhance its popularity.

14>      Tangibles: – Tangible assets signify manufacturing plant, bricks and mortar, cash, investments, etc. It may embed useful qualities of the brand which is presumed to exist through rich experience and knowledge.