10 vital Google + tips to augment your SEO ranking

How can Google+ accelerate SEO ranking?




Did you know that Google+ is the second most popular social media platform next to Facebook? Well, it must be surprising but it is has a whopping crowd of 300 million active users than Twitter. It is indeed a booster to enhance your SEO ranking and this is no surprise, because Google being one of the popular search engines, people use it more often to find results for their searches. The Google +, which is one of its services can boost your searchability if own your profile here, so, when you search your brand or keyword in Google, the top result will be on Google+ than in Facebook or twitter.


Now, how would you emphasize the Google+ features to augment your SEO ranking?

There are ten vital tips that will enable your brand to rise in the SEO ranking ladder.Let us see them one by one:


Tip 1:  Do you have a Google+ account? No?  Don’t panic there are many who don’t have, you can always open an account in Google+ anytime and enjoy its benefits in enhancing your business. So, what are you waiting for? Click on “Sign Up” and get started right away.


Tip 2: Create an impactful profile. When you edit or set your profile, keep the SEO factor in your mind and add images and details that can attract your audience towards your profile. Try to imbibe keywords, descriptions, and title that best introduces YOUR brand. The profile should create a feeling of authenticity and credibility in the minds of the people. Therefore create a profile with lots of attention and care.





Tip 3: You have to spend at least 1/144th of the day to augment your web presence. Confused about the fraction part, well, it’s just 10 mins per day and those ten minutes spent is really going to change your visibility on the social media platform.

Do include interesting links, post, and images and build new connections. Get into active conversation with your followers and share your knowledge on relevant topics. This would improve your reputation and strength your relationship with your audiences.


Tip 4: Find the best keywords that are inviting and place them along with links in the text that you posted. Use it maximally. You can add links to your business on the about us page and also add links to your post and blogs so that it can enable the readers to access the information that they require the most.




Tip 5: Create a catchy and crispy title or first liner for your post. Ensure to add the keywords there, this is because Google+ considers the first line of your sentence as your title and title tags ranks high in SEO and therefore its recommended to add relevant keywords here.  Such attractive first liner will also instigate the reader to check your post and they would spend time on your writings understanding your perception thus enabling sure leads.


Tip 6: Interact with your audience and build your presence on the social media platform. This will improve your social media circle and help to propagate your business over a large crowd and this will directly influence your SEO ranking.






Tip 7: Make use of Google + events to design a personalized invitation to your audience inviting them for webinars or Google hangouts. This feature can also to be used to invite a client offline for an evening out as a sign of gratitude. This feature can be utilized to invite users who are not on Google+. The “Party Mode” option on Google+ events will allow the guest to upload images to the online album of the event through Google+ mobile app.


Tip 8: When a post or a blog is posted on the web and if you use Google Authorship, the advantage is, it will automatically link it to your Google + profile and your Profile pic will be displayed next to your content. This will enable the readers to relate to your business. Therefore, it is essential to include keywords in the write up as well as in the links back to the website or blog. This will help to increase the click through rates thereby enhancing your SEO ranking.


Tip 9: The Google+ has a feature where you can check your circle rank score. This will help you to analyze your growth and gives relative results with the Google+ profile in your field. It will also give details about the success phenomena of a specific post.


Tip 10: Google+ has a flexibility feature of editing any post at any time. If at any juncture, you feel that the posts you posted could be updated with enhanced keywords, you do it right away. This advantage has made Google+ as one of the popular social media platforms to enhance your visibility and SEO ranking.











Important steps to adhere when your Keyword ranking drops in SEO

Important steps to see when your Keyword ranking goes down


Most of the digital branding agencies work to keep their customer’s website visible in the top search results. They ensure to implement enhanced techniques and strategies that fall in the favorite zone of the Google algorithm norms and avoid algorithmic penalties.The experts make sure that the web pages contain relevant keywords maintaining its keyword density. The internal links are given appropriately and exactly without creating confusion to Google while traversing through the web pages.

Even when the experts keep an eagle’s eye on the progress of their website’s ranking with their outstanding SEO activities yet at times, out of the blue, the rankings drop and it will actually whirl their head for a while before they calm down and ponder on WHY the ranking actually dropped. There are many reasons WHY this could happen, let us see a few important points that need to be constantly checked to sustain the website’s visibility in SERP.


  • Check, if Google had updated its algorithm. The Google search engine constantly changes the algorithm to validate the effectiveness of the websites.


 If the answer is “Yes”, then you need to change your SEO strategy according to Google’s new algorithm. Make sure that your blogs or site does not imbue features that force Google to penalize your site or blog. Work on a better strategy and accelerate your site position in SERP.


  • Check, if you have changed the URL of any of your web pages.
  • Check, if you have you removed the targeted keywords from the page title or any headings?
  • Check, if the keyword density is lower that what is used to be?
  • Check, if Google can read all the contents of your pages?

Well the solution to your above questions in affirmation is as below:

If you have changed the URL, please change it back, because Google will think it as a new page, even if the content is same. You could also redirect the old URL (that is 301) to this new URL

If you have changed a keyword, change it immediately and once the ranking is up, you can change the keyword making sure that the keyword has the required keyword density.

Keyword Density

Check with the web development team to ensure that certain structure is changed to facilitate Google to read all the contents on your page.


  • Check, if you have changed or updated the internal links? If yes,

Then check where you have implemented those changes such as in

  • Top Navigation
  • Side navigation
  • Footer navigation
  • Product page
  • Blog post


  • Check if you have recently changed key pages on your sites such as in Home pages, top section pages or in any blogs or articles.
  • Check if any anchor text or links to target pages are updated?

Well, in such cases, here’s the solution:

Track the internal links that you have removed which point to the targeted page, then ensure that you add the updated internal links at appropriate places that can point to those targeted pages. Keep tracking of the ranking, add more internal links to the pages affected and improves its ranking. Please keep in mind that improper internal linking can force Google to drop the website’s ranking.  Ensure that the changes you make are properly linked.


  • Check, if you have recently added new popups that has increased the bounce rate.
  • Check, if your page is taking years to load?
  • Check, if you have changed the page title?


If yes, then,

Talk to your concerned team for a different type of popup, such as Scroll popups, timed popups, Exit Popups. This will not annoy the visitor and also decrease the bounce rate.

If the page is taking years to load, ask the developer to work on your page and eliminate the factors that can improve the server response time. Otherwise, people will not wait and you may lose a bunch of visitors thus reducing your ranking.

If you have changed the page title, then you have no option, Get it back right away.


  • Check if your competitor has better strategy or SEO tactics to edge over you.


competitor analysis

If yes, then it’s really irritating, but you can still get it right, work better than what they want to implement and act faster. You can search in a tool like Versionista or Wayback Machine to find changes in your competitors’ sites. You will definitely race up else you will stay behind, always.

All the factors specified need to be checked and implemented frequently to keep you singing high in the competitive market.

7 Best Off Page Optimization Techniques in 2017

7 Best Off Page Optimization Techniques in 2017

7 Best Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques in 2017

Off page optimization is the technique followed outside the boundaries of the web page to improve its ranking in the search engine result page. Although it is a time-consuming process, however, it enhances the online reputation of the website. It does the background work to improve search ranking which is apparently not visible on the web page itself.

Off page optimization includes acquiring back links, social engagements, social bookmarking, effective blog submission, guest blogging, business listings and forum posting.

Off page SEO Optimization Techniques

  • Acquiring Back links

It is essential to acquire back links to your website from other higher authority sites to fall in the search engine link popularity list. This would help to boost the website’s ranking. Although acquiring backlinks is one of the factors to affect your web ranking position, however, the other factors such as quality content and social media engagement should also be enhanced to achieve the desired result in SERP.

Therefore, the goal is not to build a long list of inbound links rather it demands to build reliable and strong links for your site. It is important to increase the credibility to taste maximum success.

  • Social Engagements

Social Engagements is another way of building links to your site. By placing appropriate contents, videos, infographics, and images in the social platforms such as Facebook, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + etc., will help to promote your brand, better. Involving in active engagements with the audiences will increase the visibility of your brand among masses. This, in turn, increases the traffic to your site and therefore, increases your ranking.

  • Content Submission

It is vital to submit crispy and attractive content on multiple social media channels to experience more social engagements for your brand. There are many other platforms where you can submit your valuable content and expect a bunch of followers to your site. By writing compelling article and blogs you can turn the attention of the reader and accelerate their inquisitiveness towards your brand. Therefore informative, relevant, inspiring, powerful content will definitely improve the trust of the audience for your brand.

  • Social Bookmarking

There are some informative platforms such as Tumbler, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious etc. which invites people to reach for different content. The content in such platforms is frequently updated. You can also add a social bookmarking panel and make your content visible and available for the visitor to read. The platform also allows actively participating in the discussion and imprints your presence with your comment and content.

  • Guest Blogging

Great articles and compelling contents intensify the traffic to your site. You can also place the comment on other websites and add the link to your website. This will automatically create a path to your brand website.

  • Business Listings

The online directories such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Yellow book etc. will help to augment local businesses.  By including the local business in these online directories will ease people searches on relevant brand its products. This will definitely improve your online visibility.

  • Forum postings

In the forum page, you can actively participate in the discussion held on various questionnaires’ asked by different businesses or end-users. You can leave your website link in your signature which will help people track your brand.

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Branding glossary

Brand Glossary in 2017


There are many terminologies used in branding. It is vital to understand its explicit meaning rather than literal understanding. The terms used in branding are simple but have an in-depth meaning which clearly defines its purpose. Let us see some of the important terminologies used in branding.

1>        Brand: – A distinguished identity of a seller’s product describing its name, design, symbol etc. It is a unique image of the product.

2>        Brand Architecture: – It means how an organisation structures and names the brand within its portfolio. There are three different types of brand architecture. They are monolithic, endorsed, and freestanding.

  • Monolithic: it refers to the single master brand which is used by all products and services of that company.
  • Freestanding: – This means that the brands are designed to work entirely on their own. For example General Motors and it family of brands such as Chevrolet, Buick etc.
  • Endorsed: – This means that the brands are designed to work in sync with the other by means of verbal or visual endorsements.

3>        Brand Equity:  – It is the commercial value that is obtained from the end-users perception of the brand name of any particular product or services, rather than the product itself.

4>        Brand Extension: – It is the concept of utilizing established brand name or trademark on new products to maximize sales

5>        Brand harmonization: – It means that all the products and services under the same brand have a consistent name, visual identity and positioning across geographic markets.

6>        Brand Image:- It is an impact or an influence of brand’s personality in the consumer’s mind.

7>        Brand Identity:- It means that the various components of the brand such as name, logo, tagline etc. are developed by the product owners to reflect the image and value of the company and how it has to be perceived or should appeal  to its customers.

8>        Brand Management: – It refers to the complete planning and structure involved on how a brand has to perceive in the market.

9>        Brand personality: – It means personification of the brand. It means to associate human personality traits to a brand. For example: Dove soap endorses as being honest, feminist and optimistic.

10>      Brand positioning:- It actually reasons out on why you need to buy a particular brand compared to other brands .it emphasises on key factors and benefits rendered to consumers by the brand.

11>      Co-Branding: It is the marketing partnership between two different brands of product or services.

12>      Intangible: – An intangible asset lacks physical substance, it signifies trademarks, copyrights, patents, design rights, databases etc.

13>      Repositioning: – It means to change the target market’s understanding of the product. When the product shows declining performance, then it becomes vital to change the position of the brand to enhance its popularity.

14>      Tangibles: – Tangible assets signify manufacturing plant, bricks and mortar, cash, investments, etc. It may embed useful qualities of the brand which is presumed to exist through rich experience and knowledge.

Great Marketing ideas to change your brand destiny

Great Marketing ideas to change your brand destiny

Brand promotions are essential to project your brand identity to the audience. It will create awareness of your brands in the minds of the end-user and excite them to try your product. While promoting makes, care should be taken to make it inexpensive, presentable, and humorous and should have a strong and a clear concept to convey. The entire promotion should be able to reveal your message without creating an iota of doubt in the minds of the audience. Let us look into some of the best, cost-effective brand marketing ideas which would create an impact on the viewers.


1.Reach audience through guerrilla marketing:

Guerrilla Marketing??? Sounds strange, isn’t it? Well if you have just started your business, you really can’t think of investing a huge chunk of money on advertisements. Then, how is it possible to turn people’s attention towards your brand? Don’t panic, every problem has a solution. There is a cost–effective means of advertising, which is, spreading the business by word of mouth. Well, the technique is primitive but it is very effective. We often use the brand recommended by other. We try them at least once, to check its reliability. Using the same technique you can post your simple, yet powerful self-made promotional videos on YouTube, twitter, Facebook and engage with your audience. I bet, within hours your video will get viral and your audience has already started thinking about it. This kind of campaign is called guerrilla marketing.

Guerilla marketing

2.Find new ways to keep your winning idea fresh relentlessly:

Some promotional ideas are brilliant and they work wonders on the audience. By implementing the same concept or video with a little modification, you can keep your audience alive and instigate them to sustain as an active follower of your brand.


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The Different Ways To Enhance Leads In LinkedIn

The social media platform has played a vital role in enhancing business across the world. By creating a strong and an impactful profile on the social network, it has helped to establish a strong customer relation and enhanced leads, thereby increasing business revenues. Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn helps to provide value to the customer while enabling opportunities to engage with your business and effectually develop your creditability as a trusted resource.

Let us now understand different ways which would help to etch your business in LinkedIn.

1.Identify the relevant prospects through LinkedIn search bar

You can achieve a good business if you can target the right audiences that have the authority to buy. You cannot get complacent with likes and followers, it is important that all your likes and followers should get converted into leads. Target the top official of those audiences who is inclined or related to your product.  Focus on the users who can understand the technical benefits of your business. Talk to CEO’s, CMO’s, COO’s etc. and reach them to explain about your business prospects.

Supposing you own an e-learning tool that would help learners understand concepts easily by using effective videos and images, all you would do is to connect to schools, colleges, corporate offices to manifest your tool features and hype your business.

Once you connect with the appropriate audience, prepare a document with a list of your audience and arrange a small meeting to justify your product. Don’t be disheartened with a negative response. Keep a track of all your calls and make successive attempts until your reach your goal. The tracker sheet will help you keep updated on the stages of lead conversation.


2.Establish a connection with your visitors on LinkedIn

It is very important to get in touch with the relevant visitor to your LinkedIn account. This would help to have a personalised connection and build a relationship of trust and loyalty with them. But, how do we track the visitors? The process is simple. Just simply add the following code to your website and you can get to see who actually viewed your LinkedIn profile on your dashboard.

By knowing their interests and likings from their profile, you can segregate the most relevant audience and send them a personalized email from your business account and gently explain the features of your products. By composing a nice introduction message, explaining in brief about your product portfolio will help the visitor understand the services that your offer.

Transforming Sales Productivity With Social Collabora

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8 Best Ways to improve your Facebook Engagement?

The social media has become a prominent platform to engage with your customers. We try all kinds of engagements & tactics to keep our Facebook page live. However, sometimes we wonder how other Facebook posts make a huge noise in the social network. If you would like to experience the same kind of fun in your Facebook page, then you must know the eight ways of keeping your customers active on your FB page.

Technique #1

Keep your fans active by posting a pic which could relate to anything, but answers a query. Supposing you want to target people who are really stressed out from their day to day activities, you can simply post an inspiring quote with a nice pic such as this.


Or you can post on some simple health tips that can be followed day to day without much strain such as this:


Keep it as simple as possible to get your audience attention.

Technique # 2

Make your customer feel special:

This is a nice way to treat your customers. Most of us love to be recognized by our work or by what we say and share. If you could share their special content on your FB page, this will improve engagements, as friends, family, colleagues of that customer will definitely visit once to check on that. You could also use the content promoted on other social media network and post it on FB or vice-versa, this would improve reach and impact. You could also consolidate on the brand related content from various clubs and teams and boost your shout-out exposure.

Technique # 3

Ask your customer’s opinion or view:

When you question your customer about the product or anything else, it gives them the feeling of being a part of the brand family and instigates them to respond to the query. It will indeed make them feel good and you definitely reap good customer engagements. Ask a simple question and keep it related to their lifestyle. You can monitor on their feedbacks on FB, twitter, Instagram and prepare a question based on that.

One such example would be:

How would you react if FB stopped its service for a day?

Just try this, you will find your FB page flooded with comments.

Technique #4

It’s fun time now; give them the task to complete the sentence.

Supposing you own a travel agency, you can probe your customers to know more about their interests by posting a fill in the blank questions. Such as

Kids want to enjoy summer vacation at Hawaii. You would love to fly with —————- airlines.

This would help you with two things:

One: you can improvement your activity with the customer.

Two: You can understand your customer’s inclinations and interest.

You can use the technique #4 according to any situation or event such as festivals or seasons etc.

Technique #5

Instigate your customer to caption on Photos:

Use an inspiring or humorous photo and ask your customer to support with a caption.

You can keep a contest and gift the person who comes out with the best caption. Such competition will definitely drive more engagement and you will come across umpteen captions, where, some would be inspiring too 😉


Technique #6

Get votes with like v/s share:

Hate standing in a queue for reservations? Like if you do an online reservation. Share if you do it through travel agencies.

This kind of engagements is fun and also you can also assimilate your brand or product in the post. This will help you to understand your customer understands or likings for your product.

Technique #7

Use Hastags:

Using hash tags will increase the awareness of brand, product among audience. Use common words for Hastags which people use more often to find a product or post or information. This will enhance the engagements. Look for hastags used by your competitors or customer and you could also participate and find conversation and keywords you can participate in.

Technique #8

Share quotes:

Share quotes with images that can be related to your product or some iconic image. The quote should support your campaign goals. Usually visual images and memes always increase the visibility of your audience. This would be the powerful weapon to engage our audience.


I am not scared of problems at workplace anymore. Do you know how?

Problems at a workplace are quite a common thing, however, you cannot just skip it or run away to escape the situation. I know, it is easier said than done, well, as you all know that” nothing is impossible”, you can definitely solve anything that comes your way. If you look at a problem as a huge rock then you will not move a bit to shake it, but if you look at it like a small pebble, then I am sure you will definitely play with it. Every problem is unique yet it would have few factors that can be common with your past problems. Try to get into the depth of the problem, understand its root cause and comprehend gradually how effectively you can solve it. You need to have the confidence and patience first, and then rest is your application to resolve it. You must follow a process to unloose the Gordian knot.

Problems solving

Steps for problem-solving:

Let us now look into four basic steps involved in problem-solving

  • The first step is to define your problem
  • The second step is to look for alternative to resolve it and note it down
  • The third step is to analyze the alternatives and evaluate which would be more apt to rectify the issue and select that solution.
  • Finally, implement it to achieve the desired result.

The second step in the process indicates your creative ability to locate the solution and in the third step, your decision-making ability is tested for making a better decision. The final step evokes your project management skill to manage the issue. Using the above processing methodology, the creative, decision-making and project management skills are enhanced and you can possess the leadership quality to effectually manage a team.

Be an effective problem solver:

Most of us do not like problems because they always put an obstacle in our routine and delay our schedules therefore we look for a quicker solution to eliminate them. However, in the long run, the issue keeps cropping up leading to more complications leaving you clueless. Hence it is important to implement a more reliable an optimum solution to your problems. To be an effective problem solver, one needs to have an organized and a logical approach to their issues and concerns.

Do not become a victim of illogical reasoning:

Whenever you are faced with challenges and issues, you get multiple suggestion and arguments to solve them, however, you need to reason out and discern the correct and valid point. It is quite possible, that there would be many who would place their argument in a way to convince you to believe their facts, which may not have a strong base. You should not get trapped to logical fallacies. Get smart and analyze every statement made and choose the right and appropriate point to put an end to all your official issues and concerns, logically and systematically.

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Lead Generation- Navigates the Target Market to Reach Your Business

What is Lead Generation?

Every business expects a sales bonanza; they expect to be showered with sales to maximize their business growth. This is definitely not a crime. If you set your foot in the business, you only aim it to grow exponentially. None would enjoy the snail pace growth which usually every business experience during their initial days. But, what if the scenario changes and you start enjoying your profits during the initial setup period? Isn’t that amazing?

But, is that really possible? Well, we are here to make it possible. We at Addpro Network imbibe lead generation techniques which are the marketing process of inspiring and seizing the interest of the audience for your products or services provided with an aim to enhance your sales pipeline. The strategy followed for lead generation is absorbed from the trend and augmented with inputs from experts and market presence for your product. The digital channels have played a vital role in the lead generation and also as the information is available in the abundance, people have become aware of many things before their actually buy the product. Considering all these factors, we prepare a planner to develop and qualify potential leads before converting into sales.

Lead Generation Image

How is lead generation important in the current marketing strategy?

Lead generation is definitely important in the current marketing strategy, this is because, people have changed their buying process, unlike earlier days, where there was a single channel to emphasize on the product for multiple users, now, you have multiple channels promoting the product to a single user. This has given the user the freedom to understand and analyze the importance of the product. Which has, in turn, helped to identify the marketers and that is the trump card which has changed the entire process of marketing.

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WordPress Basic Settings – continued

In the previous tutorial, we were enlightened on how to configure general and writing settings to customize WordPress site. In this session, we will learn on few other settings, such as Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalink, and Plugin. Let us explore one by one.

                                       Reading Settings

This is mainly used to set the content on the home page. It gives you the provision to set the number of posts to be displayed on the front page. To access the reading settings, first

Step (1) Click on Settings- >Reading

Step (2) once you enter the Reading settings, a page will be displayed along with few options to change them as per your choice. Let us now know more about these options.

  • Front page displays – This option has two sub-options such as
    • Your latest posts – If you select the radio button, then it displays the latest post on the homepage.
    • A static page – This option facilitates to display static pages on the front page. It again has two more options.
      • Front Page– It gives a list of pages in the drop-down menu, from which you can select one of your choices to be displayed on the front page.
      • Posts Page– This allows you to select from the list in the drop-down menu to display the page which contains posts.


  • Blog pages show at most – This allows you to set the number of posts to be displayed per page on the website, however, the default is set to 10.
  • Syndication feeds show the most recent – Once you download one of the site feeds, you can view the number of posts. However, the default is set to 10.
  • For each article in a feed, show– This section allows you to display the post in the format of your choice, which is Full text or Summary.In the Full-text Format, you can display the entire post and this is usually set as default. However, if you would like to display the summary of the post then you can select the summary format option.
  • Search Engine Visibility: – This option allows you to prevent the search engine from indexing your site. Once selected, then your site will be ignored by the search engine.

Step (3) once the changes are made; ensure to click on SAVE CHANGES button to save the Reading Setting details.

                                 Discussion Setting

The discussion setting is primarily done by admin to control the post or the page supported by the user. In this platform, the visitor and the blogger can have an active interaction. To access the discussion settings,

Step (1)      Click on Settings -> Discussion

Step (2)   once you enter the discussion settings, a page will be displayed along with few options to change them as per your choice. Let us now know more about these options.

  • Default article settings– It has some default settings for the new post or page created. It also contains three more settings.
  • Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article
    • This checkbox is checked by default, it sends notification to other blogs from the articles published
  • Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)
    • This checkbox is checked by default and it accepts pings from other articles or blogs.
  • Allow people to post comments on new articles
    • This allows or disallows people to post their comments on the articles published.

These settings can be changed individually for each and every article published.

                                Other Comment Settings – In this section there are few more options.

  • Comment author must fill out name and e-mail – This check box, if selected then it becomes compulsory for the visitor to fill out their personal details, such as name and email address.
  •  Users must be registered and logged in to comment– This checkbox; if selected, then registered members alone can leave comments else everyone is eligible to comment.
  • Automatically close comments on articles older than days– You can set the number of days to receive or accept comments.
  • Enable threaded (nested) comments– This checkbox; if selected, allows the user to reply or have a discussion and get responses within the limit specified.
  • Break comments into pages with top level comments per page and the page displayed by default– To suffice voluminous comments; this option allows you to split them into different pages by checking this box. You can actually set the limit for the number of comment to be displayed per page.
  • Comments should be displayed with the comments at the top of each page– The comments could be sorted in either ascending or descending order.

                              Email me whenever: this section contains two options

  • Anyone posts a comment: if the checkbox is selected then the blogger get the notification for every comment made by the visitor on the post.
  • A comment is held for moderation: if the checkbox is selected, then the comments will not be updated until it’s abated by the admin.
  • Before a comment appears: this section facilitates to control the posts. It has two more settings.
  • Comment must be manually approved: if the checkbox is selected, then only the comments approved by the admin will be displayed.
  • Comment author must have a previously approved comment : if the checkbox is selected, then if the email address of the comment author matches with the one of the previous comment posted, then the comments gets approved automatically; else, it is held for moderation.
  • Comment Moderation: this will allow the only specific number of links in the comment box.
  • Comment Blacklist: Here you can specify Spam words which you do not prefer your visitor to post in the comment or URL or email.

                                      Avatars– This option allows you to display a small image at the top-right hand corner of the dashboard. It is similar to a profile pic. There are some options associated with the Avatar section.

  • Avatar Display: If the checkbox is selected then it displays avatar next to your name
  • Maximum rating: Here you can set an avatar image (G, PG, R and X) according to the age section of the audience you would like to address your post to.
  • Default Avatar: In this option, there are few more types of avatars with images; these could be used according to your visitor’s e-mail address.

Step (3) once the changes are made; ensure to click on SAVE CHANGES button to save the discussion setting details.

3. Media Setting

This setting facilitates to set the desired height and width of images used on the website.  To access the media settings,

                                           Step (1)      Click on Settings-> Media in WordPress

Step (2)      Once you enter the Media settings, a page will be displayed along with few options to change them as per your choice. Let us now know more about these options.

  • Thumbnail size– This is used to set the size of the thumbnail.
  • Medium size – This is used to set the height and width of medium size images.
  • Large size – This is used to set the width and height of larger images.
  • Uploading files – Once the checkbox is selected, the images uploaded will be arranged into year and month based folder.

Step (3) once the changes are made; ensure to click on SAVE CHANGES button to save the Media setting details.

4.Permalinks Settings

It is the permanent link to a specific blog post or category. This setting allows you to add permalinks to your posts in WordPress. To access the Permalinks settings,

Step (1)      Click on Settings-> Permalinks in WordPress

Step (2)      once you enter the Permalinks settings, a page will be displayed along with few options to change them as per your choice. Let us now know more about these options.

                                Common settings

You can choose any one of the options given below to customise the URL for your page or post.

  • Default – This would set the default URL structure.
  • Day and name – This will create an URL structure with the date and name of your post.
  • Month and name − This will create an URL structure with the month and name of your post.
  • Numeric – This will assign numbers in the URL structure of your post.
  • Post name − This will assign post name in the URL structure of your post.
  • Custom Structure – This will facilitate you to provide the URL structure of your choice.


This is optional. You can add custom structure for the main category or tag URL. If your text box is empty then default settings are used. Here you have two options.

  • Category Base – You can add custom prefix for your category URL.
  • Tag Base − you can add a custom prefix to your Tags URL.

Step (3) once the changes are made; ensure to click on SAVE CHANGES button to save the Permalinks setting details.