Ignoring Online Marketing is like opening a Business but not telling anyone.

The quote is well said and it’s quite true. Any business needs recognition, exposure, and visibility. Otherwise, your business may not achieve the desired growth and exposure. Although there are different ways of promoting a business, however, reaching the right audience on a wider scale is always a concern. It can be achieved through online marketing. There are several agencies which provide optimum digital marketing services in Bangalore, however, Addpro Network is considered as a promising agency that provides the best digital marketing techniques to enhance a business website.

Digital marketing services in bangalore

Know the features and techniques followed by the digital marketing services in Bangalore.

The digital marketing services in Bangalore implements the best techniques to augment the business standing in the competitive market. First, the experts at the digital marketing services in Bangalore ensures that the website has a creative design which speaks about the brand vision and objectives, otherwise, they suggest to re-brand the website with a new, authentic design, that can help to enhance the brand credibility. After improving the website, the experts at the digital marketing services ensure that the website contains content which is relevant and contains the apt keywords which are searched too often by the audience.

The SEO experts at the digital marketing services in Bangalore make sure that the website is optimized and satisfies Google guidelines. They ensure to submit blogs and articles on the brand features and ensure to increase the visibility to a larger audience. The SMO experts at the digital marketing services in Bangalore makes sure to post impressive and an impactful post on the Social media and increase user engagements. By posting engaging posts, the experts ensure to improve reach and augment business growth and leads. Addpro Network has been successful to achieve maximum leads for their customers using the digital and creative strategy. Call today and enjoy the benefits.

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Get in touch with Addpro and build an e-commerce website in 3 simple steps

Nowadays, people are just crazily doing online shopping for their needs. It is actually fun and moreover time-saving. You do not have to literally go the shop to locate the things. Online shopping is quick and easy to transact too. However, do you know how it is all done to make it easy for you? There are several E-commerce development companies In Bangalore which provides prominent service in developing e-store. Meet Addpro Network, they are the most happening E-commerce Development Company in Bangalore. The Addpro team works in three simple steps to achieve the best e-commerce website for a business.

Ecommerce Development Company in Bangalore


Know how Addpro gives the best online shopping experience to the visitor

Addpro has ensured to maintain its reputation as the best E-commerce Development Company in Bangalore and hence maintain customer relationship has been their top priority. Every requisite of the client is meticulously noted by the experts and ensured the e-store carries all the features according to client needs. This is the initial step for realizing the actual e-commerce website.  As there are multiple platforms to build an e-store, based on the product and the scalability of the product, the client is educated by the experts at the E-commerce Development Company in Bangalore on the various types of platform and the best suitable for their product.  After understanding the requirements and choosing the platform. The final step is the implementation of the website based on the requirement.

As the leading E-commerce Development Company in Bangalore, Addpro ensures that the features and functionalities are easy to use and there is a smooth transaction between the web pages. They make sure the e-store has one-step check out process so that the transaction is quick and easy. The ultimate aim of the E-commerce Development Company in Bangalore is to make an exciting and excellent online shopping experience for the visitors.

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Future of social media in the next ten years

In the bygone era, people shared their views in Newspapers, Radios, and Television or in public meetings. The reach was definitely not massive due to lack of facilities, money, education, etc. People couldn’t afford to buy a radio or television education lacked them from getting enriched from Newspapers and public meetings held in only a few selected cities. An enhanced mode of reaching people was required which would be quick and achieve a huge response. Thanks to the inception of new technology, Internet, and its facilities helped people to get connected at an affordable price. With the betterment in techniques and strategy, different online platforms have helped people to engage and share freely their views and opinions, globally.

social media

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, incepted in early 2004, took the world by a storm. Millions of people across the world are able to connect and express their concerns or ideas on this platform. Posting videos, images, memes, informative content, discussion on various current social issues, raising voices against anti-social elements, collecting online aids & support to the destitute or those in need are some of the important things that Facebook enables the user to utilize the platform. What’s more?? Get online votes on your political body and enhance its popularity. Such social media platforms have helped to shed genuine thoughts and get a consolidated opinion from the audience across the world.

Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube are some of the other social media platforms which the viewers have utilized to share their content. In the recent survey on the popularity of the social media platforms, it is indeed overwhelming to note the numbers, as of now, Facebook has 1.3 billion users, Twitter has 270 million users with 500 million tweets per day, about 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day and 60 million photos uploaded on Instagram.

The reach and growth are shooting up day by day and it is predicted to double in the next 4-5 years. Therefore, it is out of the question, whether the popularity would get satiated after a period of time. It would definitely magnify over the years. The social media will be ubiquitous and interconnected in our lives in multitude ways. The future lies on Social media and influenced by Social media. Do you think otherwise?

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AddproNetwork Working Process

Addpro’s implementation strategy.

Addpronetwork Working Process


1.We have a meeting with the development, design, SEO and Content writer and comprehend on the requirement of the client.  Therefore

a.Project understanding and analysis

2.After analyzing the project, we plan for the design along with the expert opinion from SEO team to get the best user-friendly web design. Therefore

b.Web design planning

3.Once the design is completed, it is sent for the client’s approval. We ensure to send two or three design templates to choose.

c.Design finalization

4.After the design is finalized.  The requirement such as supporting images, videos, and content requirement based on the design is sent in the form of questionaries’ to the client to achieve the best-desired output.

d.Content and image requisition

5.The design is developed as desired and adds appropriate images (supported by the client) and also the content to suit the design, objective and the vision of the brand.

e.Web development 

6. finally, the entire structure is tested for the various functionalities implemented and checked if all the menus, icons, buttons & navigation works fine.

f. Testing 

7.Once tested, the test link is sent to the client for approval. Once approved, the website is made Live

g.Client approval

h. Website made Live

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What’s Next in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has evolved with the time. It has gradually changed based on various factors, which influence the growth and development of the business. Any business for that matter grows on how the consumers understand or perceive it. Therefore, it is vital enriching the targeted audience with enough information and contextual brand value while vouching for the credibility of a brand.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

However, it is essential to know what inspires a consumer about a brand? Such as:

1>    What kind of content engages the audience?

2>    How do they behave on line and offline?

3>    what is their voice or opinion on the brands?

How do consumers perceive a brand?

From the recent study on consumer’s understanding of a brand, we understand that (9/10)th of consumers want different brands to leverage social cause and create a deep impact on the audience’s mind, whereas (7/10)th of consumers want implicit information on the brand’s product alone.  Although, with technology supporting the consumers to express their views, implicitly or explicitly on the social platform, it also enables to grasp consumer needs and deliver them as required, enhancing brand reputation.

 Now, the question is, how can Digital Marketing make effective use of consumer’s strong opinion for brand marketing?

There are five key inclinations that make consumers at the centre of Brand marketing:

  • Effective Video: Increase the engagement with the consumers by sharing innovative and informative videos expressing the brand objective with a strong content strategy. It is found that the videos control the digital platform and a larger audience is inclined towards the video content than the textual image. It helps to improve the brand identity and increase the business wings.
  • Influencer Marketing: It is a kind of marketing, where an individual with a celebrity status influences the potential buyers. It actually helps to increase the sales leads and improve the brand awareness. Therefore, to enhance the business credibility, one needs to choose an influencer who can create an impact among the audience along with an effective storytelling to augment the brand reputation.
  • Instigate to Buy: Use attractive offers, rewards, loyalty or free shipping offers to urge your consumer to buy. Through an attractive image with tempting offers, you can hit the platform to influence your shoppers to buy. It is vital to analyze your consumer’s shopping behavior and create a channel which will improve their shopping experience and at the same enhance your business growth.
  • Know your brand Image: The Social Media is the best platform, to know your brand’s stance. Different consumers have different views and ideas on how a brand can serve them better. By having an effective customer service on the social platform, it enables to get closer to consumer’s perception and facilitates to enhance the brand value with the suggestions made. Such engagements helps brand spread its wings and achieve the desired growth.
  • Make your brand responsive: With technology reaching new heights, it is important to make your brand approachable on every device such as tablets, iPad , mobiles, etc. More than 50% of the population use Mobiles than Desktop to check on brands. Therefore, your brand products should be viewed comfortably on different devices and should ease the transaction, in case of e-store.

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Key criteria for an effective web design

A website must have a design keeping the targeted audiences in mind. The design should express the brand’s essence It should convey the brand’s objective to enable the visitor to perceive the brand identity. Therefore, while designing the website, we need to follow certain factors to etch a distinctive image in the minds of the audiences.  A bad design may result in increased bounce rate, which means you are losing your customers. It will have a bad impact on the brand progress and decline the business growth. Hence, it is essential to implement a strong strategy to build an intuitive and a comprehensive web design to achieve a strong user interaction with your brand.


There are some essential criteria to adhere while designing a website.

1>    Analyzing the objective of the brand:

Before designing the website, a thorough analysis is done to understand the purpose and vision of the brand.  It should focus on the visitor purpose of visits, that is, whether the website is aimed at sharing educating content or information on entertainment or any business transaction?  Once that is clear, the design should be planned accordingly.

2>    Layout planning:

Once the vision and aim of the website are known, the layout plan is made. The design should be design and easy for the visitor to use. It should not contain any sophisticated functionalities, lest it makes the visitor difficult to use its features.

3>    Use subtle and elegant colors:

it is vital to choose a color palette which is soothing and reveals the brand’s perception. It should give the visitor the best user experience and connect the user with the brand.

4>    Easy navigation:

Easy navigation to the web pages should be implemented. The visitor should not spend time in figuring out about how to slide through the different pages on the website. The idea is to “Keep It Simple” because your audiences are here for their requirement. They will not be interested in complicated style or technology.

5>    Quality and relevant product information:

The visitor should get enough information on his /her requirement. They should have a real-time experience. Hence, the customer interaction with the website should be easy and fulfilling. Therefore, your design should meet these criteria to make your audience completely satisfied with their needs.

6>    Right images and structure pattern for content placement:

Choose the right images and place the content in a well-structured pattern to ease readability and get a better understanding of the product.

7>    Responsive web design:

Nowadays, most of them access the internet through their mobiles, therefore, your web design should be mobile friendly. It must display every feature and be easy to use.

8>    Minimal load time:

The web design layout should have simple and minimal complexity in images and coding which would help to load the website quickly otherwise it would be tiring experience if the website takes a long time to loads.

Keeping all the factors and criteria in mind, an alluring and simple web design should be created to entice your audience with your brand.  The Addpro Network follows a comprehensive web design strategy imbibing the key criteria to achieve an authentic website layout.

KGI Case Study - Digital Strategy

Case Study: Addpro’s digital strategy enhanced KGI’s growth

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows- Sydney J. Harris

The objective of KGI (Koshys Group of institutions) 

Every educational institution is built on a common objective of grooming the lives of the future generations. They do not consider this as a business and only aimed at inviting candidates with the right profiles to get an exposure and develop their skill sets. KGI (Koshys Group of Institutions) is a premier institute of Management and Nursing education in Bangalore. They wanted to enlighten candidates on various branches of study and hence, they were looking for a digital partner to enhance their Lead generation for admission across India.

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Website Redesign Strategy

When do we actually think of re-vamping or website redesigning?

Website redesign strategy

We decide to do a make-over or revamping only when we feel that something has not got enough attention as required or as it used to be earlier. Therefore, be it home, office or even your business website, a website redesigning or re-vamping would be mandatory if it has failed to create an impact.

A website redesigning comes into picture when the current website doesn’t reveal completely about business objectives. The design should encompass some of the vital points. Such as:

  1. The mission, vision, and goal of the company should be clearly defined in the design of the website.
  2. The brand identity should be etched keeping all the key factors of the business intact.
  3. The website on itself should be able to convey the business perception.
  4. The website should reveal the features and benefits of the products and provide enough information that would create a clear image of the product on the viewer’s mind.
  5. It should have enticing colors and images to grab the attention of the audience.

If the above points have not been included in a website, then definitely, it needs to be rejuvenated with help of an authentic digital strategist who can provide an optimum solution to imbibe best methodology and feature to give a new look to your brand.

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sphoorti case study - Does your brand experience enough recognition

Sphoorti enjoys 85% growth with Addpro’s comprehensive digital strategy

What is a Brand???

A strong brand is the backbone of any successful business. A brand needs to build an image in the minds of the audience. It should be able to convey the business vision and goals to the end-user. As it is well said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in room”, therefore a brand should etch a lasting impression. To achieve this significance of a brand it is vital to enhance the brand identity with some expert help. The digital marketing agency inculcates strong branding techniques and strategy to promote brand among multitudes. There are several digital marketing agencies that provide comprehensive service in branding, however, each of these follows different methodology to achieve the desired result.

Meet Addpro Network- the best partner for your brand promotions

Addpro Network, a leading digital marketing agency in Bangalore understands that “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person” and hence keeping vital features such as vision, goals, ethics and culture of the brand, they build a strong image for the business of their potential customers. They work on the core potentials and strength of the business and suggest the best creative and digital strategy enhance the business in the competitive market. To understand their strong contribution in promoting the brand, let us look into the case study of one of their clients, Sphoorti Machine Tools Pvt Ltd. Bangalore.

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