Instagram Makes a Play to Keep Users Scrolling

Instagram Makes a Play to Keep Users Scrolling With New ‘Recommended For You’ Posts

Instagram is testing a new feature that recommends posts to users based on their follower lists and photos and videos they have liked.

The recommended posts will show up in a section at the end of a user’s Feed under a “Recommended for You” label. Instagram has added the blue “Follow” button to recommended posts so that users can easily add accounts to their follower lists.

Instagram Makes a Play to Keep Users Scrolling

“Our goal is to make the Feed the best place to share and connect with the people and interests that matter most to you. Now, with recommended posts, you can see even more of what’s being shared by our community,” says Instagram.

In July, Instagram launched a “You’re All Caught Up” feature to help users better manage the amount of time they spend on the app. This latest test feels like a step in the opposite direction from Instagram’s original efforts last month to promote digital well-being. Instead of giving users a reason to close the app, they’re encouraging them to keep scrolling through their Feed even after they’ve caught up with all the content from their followers.

Instagram says the recommended posts test is rolling out over the next few days, and that it will be making product revisions based on user feedback with plans to bring it to more people in the coming weeks.

Ads or posts from brands will be included in the recommended content was on doubt. An Instagram spokesperson said they had no further details to share since it was a test at this point.

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Face Book Releases Tools for Creating Mobile Video Ads

Face Book Releases Tools for Creating Mobile Video Ads

Facebook is rolling out a set of tools to help advertisers create ads that are tailor-made for mobile devices.

The new video creation tools will allow advertisers to take still image ads and turn them into mobile-first video ads.

Face Book Releases Tools for Creating Mobile Video Ads

This includes converting existing images and text assets into video ads that are optimized for either the Facebook feed or for stories on Facebook and Instagram.

With four new templates in Facebook’s Ads Manager advertisers can create ads that are designed to achieve the following business goals:

  • Promoting a product:A 6-second ad focusing on a key product to generate interest and sales.
  • Selling multiple products:A 6-second ad showing a selection of products, promoting special offers, and driving sales.
  • Showing product benefits:A 15-second ad highlighting product features, using case studies, or explaining how a product works.
  • Driving product discovery:A 15-second ad designed to bring a brand to life and share what makes a product unique.

Facebook emphasizes the benefits of running ads that are specifically optimized for mobile devices:

Facebook found that mobile-first creative has a 27% higher likelihood of driving brand lift and 23% higher likelihood of driving message association compared to video ads that are not optimized for mobile.

For advertisers with existing video ads, Facebook has new tools to better optimize the ads for mobile:

  • Video cropping tool:Optimize the framing of video ads by cropping videos to Facebook’s recommended aspect ratios.
  • Simple video creation tools:Create templated videos directly from a business page using existing assets such as photos and company logos.

As part of this update to video ads, Facebook offers a done-for-you option that requires no effort at all. When boosting a post, simply select the “animate” option to turn it into a video.

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Google to Automatically Verify Your Google Search Console Account If You Are the Property’s Owner in Google Analytics

Google to Automatically Verify Your Google Search Console Account If You Are the Property’s Owner in Google Analytics

Google has announced that it will soon automatically verify you for a website in Search Console if you are already a verified owner of the same property in Google Analytics.

This means you don’t have to request manual verification within Google Search Console if you’ve already set up Analytics, and it streamlines the process of giving site owners’ access to Google Search Console.

Google to Automatically Verify Your Google Search Console Account If You Are the Property’s Owner in Google Analytics

Even more importantly, those with Google Search Console access will get emails and notifications of issues in their inboxes. These messages can include manual actions, hacks, WordPress and other CMS upgrade alerts, as well as other notifications — all aimed at helping you keep your website healthy, indexed and ranking.

Google said, “If you don’t want to be verified for Search Console, simply delete the property in Search Console.”

Google explained why Google Search Console is important and useful:

Search Console is a free tool that provides website owners with information which can be critical to performance in Google Search. Once verified, Search Console compiles reports on the website’s performance in Search, including search queries, the website’s rankings, and the number of clicks and impressions. Additionally, there’s information about a site’s indexing, the status of various implemented features on the website, as well as reports and notifications of critical issues.

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Linkedin Set To Launch Redesigned Groups Platform by End Of August

Linkedin Set To Launch Redesigned Groups Platform by End Of August

LinkedIn is building a new version of its Groups platform used by many social media managers and marketers and is set to launch it at the end of August. The company sent an email this week to Group managers outlining coming changes, along with functionalities that will be unavailable as they roll out the latest updates.

“We’ve heard from many of you over the past year that boosting engagement and enabling vibrant discussions in your groups is important, so we’ve prioritized those features that support this,” said LinkedIn’s notification email.

Linkedin Set To Launch Redesigned Groups Platform by End Of August

New features for LinkedIn Groups

As part of the updates, LinkedIn is integrating Groups content into the main LinkedIn website and mobile apps, giving more visibility and accessibility to Group discussions. Group admin roles will also be able to manage Groups on both the iOS and Android versions of the LinkedIn app.

In the new version, members and admins can reply to comments, edit posts and comments and post native video to Groups, as well as interact within Group discussions directly in the main LinkedIn feed (versus going to the Group page). Notifications about Group activities and conversations are also coming.

According to LinkedIn, it tried out Group notifications earlier this year to see if it impacted member engagement in discussions and found that “thousands more members” participated daily in groups during the tests, either by posting, commenting or liking discussions.

No more moderators, moderation queues or auto-generated emails

In addition to building out new features, LinkedIn is also removing a few. The LinkedIn Groups “moderator” role will be going away, leaving only “owners” and “managers” roles within the system — LinkedIn says moderators will be downgraded to regular members once the new platform is in place, and that anyone needing access to manage a Group who is currently listed as a moderator should be promoted to a manager.

During the migration to the new platform, LinkedIn did warn users that moderation queues will be temporarily unavailable, as well as admin and auto-generated group emails — including digests, automated templates, and announcements. A LinkedIn spokesperson said Group admins will have access to moderation tools for blocking and removing group members, with the new version rolling out in the coming weeks — but the newly built moderation queue won’t be available for the next few months.

Regarding the admin and auto-generated group emails going away, the LinkedIn spokesperson said the company is working on building improved communication channels for admins but did not offer a time frame or details around future communication tools to replace the existing models.

LinkedIn says the new Groups platform will begin rolling out to members globally on desktop and mobile at the end of this month and that Groups will be automatically migrated to the new platform.

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Old Content Still Showing Up In Google Search Results?

Google explains how crawl rate can be used as confirmation that a page is OK to remove from your website, and thus their index.

Have you ever been in a position where you have removed pages from your website and it has taken Google a really long time to remove that content from its search results? There is no need to worry. It just means that Google has not crawled the page yet and has not figured out the content has been removed.

Old Content Still Showing Up In Google Search Results?

If Google didn’t remove that content, it is possible Google doesn’t crawl that page very often. Usually that’s a sign that they were that important. That would be an added confirmation from Google that “might help confirm that they were ok to remove” that content from your site.

In short, if you remove content from your site, and Google has not yet removed the content from their index, it is an added confirmation from Google that Google didn’t find that content to be that important anyway.

This is something Google documented back in January 2017, when they posted What Crawl Budget Means for Googlebot. There they wrote, “URLs that are more popular on the Internet tend to be crawled more often to keep them fresher in our index.”

Google also wrote that “an increased crawl rate will not necessarily lead to better positions in Search results. Google uses hundreds of signals to rank the results, and while crawling is necessary for being in the results, it’s not a ranking signal.”

So wouldn’t consider crawl rate a signal of how well your web pages will rank, but rather, if Google is not crawling a specific page too often, it is either because the page is not important or because Google considers the content on that URL to be stale.

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Google Post Insights Shows you How Well Your Google Posts are Performing

Google Post Insights Shows you How Well Your Google Posts are Performing

Google has announced it is launching reporting and analytics for Google Posts. Google Posts is a feature that allows people and businesses to create content directly on Google which appears highly ranked in Google search results for their names. You can add Google Posts within your local Google My Business account by claiming your listing and clicking on the Posts section.

Google Post Insights Shows you How Well Your Google Posts are Performing

Now, Google announced you can see “Post Insights” — the term Google My Business uses for analytics. Post Insights shows you how well your Posts are performing within Google, including data such as views and clicks on those posts. Google said the new report will show you data for Posts:

  • An individual post.
  • All posts from the last week.
  • All posts from the last month.

The Google help document explains:

Your summary shows your views, clicks, and the percentage change using a rolling period. The rolling period is the last 7 or 28 days, and can have a delay of up to 3 days. When looking at this summary of your Post Insights, you’ll see data from last week that’s being compared with the week before.

If any of the following occurs, your percentages won’t show in the summary:

  • Your posts received no views.
  • You don’t have any posts.
  • Your percentage change is over 99.99%.

The summary view of Post Insights is available to everyone on the Google My Business desktop and mobile website, but it is not available on the Google My Business app.

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3 Free Tools to Comprehensively Test Page Speed

3 Free Tools to Comprehensively Test Page Speed

Having a fast site is important, since faster sites are rewarded with improved search engine optimization (SEO) and the ability to drive more visits and conversions. More people visiting your site can lead to more sales, signups or traffic in general. That’s a true win-win.

Of course, where there’s a positive, there is always a negative. The flip side to fast sites is slow sites, and slow sites tend to suffer from lack of sales, sign-ups and traffic in general. That is definitely not a win-win.

Once you get above 3 seconds, many visitors leave before the page loads, many more will bounce, and your conversion rate will plummet. Not good.

Fortunately, auditing page speed is relatively painless and, in most cases, can be accomplished with free, easy-to-use tools. However, no single tool really gives us a complete end-to-end analysis.

To remedy this, here are a few free page-speed tools and how to use them. When you use the three tools together, they will give you a better understanding of real-world performance and optimization opportunities.

3 Free Tools to Comprehensively Test Page Speed

Understanding load speed, end to end

Before we dive into the three tools, it is important to understand all of the primary factors influencing page load time.

Hosting issues: If you have slow or unreliable hosting, then it does not matter what else you do, your site will often be slow and unreliable.

Technical issues: There are ways to build fast sites and ways to build slow sites. Building lightweight sites with speed in mind and then technically optimizing for performance is critical to keep things moving quickly.

Size: No matter how your site is built, it has to be transferred over the network to the end user. So, the larger the site, the more data there is to transfer. You should be aiming to create pages no larger than 3 megabytes (MB), and smaller when possible.

End-user network: This is a little more out of your control and where you really have to consider your end user. If people will mainly be accessing your site on mobile phones and using mobile data, then you must assume 3G connections, which means things have to be super-lightweight to ensure fast loading times.

Combine all of these issues, and you have a real problem on your hands. Bloated sites on slow hosting that are riddled with technical issues and then viewed over 3G are not a great look for your business.

Page speed testing tools

The following three tools all have a place in testing your page speed and identifying areas for potential improvement. This is not to say these are the only tools available, but when put together, they provide a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand way to audit site speed.

1. Google Page Speed Insights

This is a technical optimization tool. It provides diagnostic information directly from Google by analyzing the content of a web page.

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is a tool that tests the speed at which your website is delivered. You will need to enter your URL and the location you want to test from.

 3. Google Mobile Test

It is possible to get good results in the tools above and still have a speed problem on mobile. According to information from Think With Google, this is because 70 percent of mobile visits are still on a 3G data connection and expected to stay there until 2020.

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3 Key Methods To Make a Brand Stand Out

3 Key Methods To Make a Brand Stand Out

In today’s competitive business world, it can get a little crowded. You must distinguish and make it stand out from others to build a strong and powerful brand. Below are the key points to set your brand apart from the competition.

3 Key Methods To Make a Brand Stand Out

Tell your story

Every successful brand has a fascinating story behind it. One of the key things to remember when it comes to making your brand stand out is to ensure you tell your story. Your story is what makes your brand unique because no one has the exact same story! The world is full of brands, so in order to make your franchise brand stand out, people need to know your brand story for the magic to really happen. Plus, sharing your story help others to actually connect with you better, which is really important online. Ensuring your brand communicates all of this can be tricky, so take your time and make sure your brand captures you, your business and its ethos.

Brand experience

A brand is much more than a logo or tagline…  It is a person’s emotional response to a product or service and should demonstrate a degree of sincerity. Your customers need to have a positive encounter each and every time they use your product or service and this goes beyond visuals. It is everything from how you answer the phone, to your employees, to the feeling people have when they think of your business. If you respond to all your customers on social media with the same copied and pasted corporate response, you will be projecting yourself as a soulless machine that cares only about turning a profit. Delivering a positive brand experience to your customers will ensure you are memorable and give you an edge over your competitors. Invest in the “personality” of your brand, and speak to customers the way you would speak to a friend.


No matter how unique your brand might be or how unique its offerings are, if people aren’t seeing your brand, it will never get the exposure you want it to. One of the most important ways to establish your brand reputation from scratch is to make your brand as visible as possible. You can easily achieve higher visibility by promoting your brand without being too pushy about sales. Use a diverse brand promotion strategy and use multiple channels for this purpose. Leverage different opportunities to diversify your strategy. Be where your target marketing and prospective customers are. Invest in advertising and take advantage of social media to reach prospective customers and tell them about your brand.

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Face Book Looks to Monetize Whatsapp With New Business Api

Face Book Looks to Monetize Whatsapp With New Business Api & Ads That Open Chats In The Messaging App

Facebook has launched a new WhatsApp Business API designed to help businesses communicate with consumers via the Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging app. Along with the new WhatsApp Business API, Facebook advertisers will soon have access to ads on Facebook that click to WhatsApp, automatically opening a pre-filled WhatsApp chat between the user and business.

Face Book Looks to Monetize Whatsapp With New Business Api

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API will allow businesses to send end-to-end encrypted messages to people who start a chat with the company via the app and to message people who have requested information. Businesses will be able to customize notifications that can be sent with “relevant, non-promotional” content (e.g., shipping confirmations, appointment reminders or event tickets).

When someone messages your business, you can also use the WhatsApp Business API to respond to questions or comments for free within 24 hours. If a business waits more than 24 hours to send a response, they will be charged for the message. The non-promotional content messages sent to customers will also be charged at a fixed rate.

An announcement on the WhatsApp blog covering the new APIsays that users will be able to block any business and have full control over the messages they receive. It also reported WhatsApp is currently working with a select number of companies that specialize in managing customer communications to bring the API to more businesses over a period of time. Facebook’s announcement reported more than 90 large businesses have had access to the WhatsApp Business API for months now, including Uber, Singapore Airlines and the Indonesian e-commerce company, Sales Stock.

Tapping into WhatsApp has had a big impact on our business and customers, with lots of potentials yet to be explored. The delivery rate, engagement, and ease of integrations can’t be compared to other channels. The company claimed that WhatsApp has become its largest source of inbound traffic, with 90 percent of the messages delivered via the app read by customers.

Facebook Ads that click to WhatsApp

Along with the new WhatsApp Business API, Facebook will soon be offering ads via its Ads Manager that open a WhatsApp chat.

When a person taps on an Ad that clicks to WhatsApp, they will be transferred to a pre-filled WhatsApp chat where they can message your business quickly. Businesses will also be able to include a “click-to-message” WhatsApp feature on their website and Facebook Page.

Advertisers using the Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp will get metrics for the number of conversations started using the ad and the total number of messages people sent the business via the ad. (The reports will be included in the advertiser’s Ads Manager on Facebook.) Facebook says these ads will be rolling out over the coming weeks to most countries around the world.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp launched its first business app, a no-frills tool designed primarily for small and medium-sized businesses that wanted to take advantage of the messaging app to communicate with customers.

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Content Marketing Tips

3 Content Marketing Tips for Your Service Business

Content Marketing TipsContent marketing should definitely be one of the arrows in your ser­vices marketing quiver. Content marketing has become a major com­ponent of the marketing world. But, what exactly is content marketing, and how can you use it to market your services online?

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material such as videos, blogs, articles and social media posts. It differs from other types of marketing, such as direct response and brandmarketing, in that it doesn’t explicitly promote a brand but is intended instead to stimulate interest in a product or service by creating helpful, informative content designed to highlight your expertise and solve a problem.

This content can include blog articles, social media posts, white papers, case studies, videos, info graphics and more.

Why is content marketing so effective for selling services online? Because content marketing:

  • Tells a storyIn content marketing, telling is selling. In this case, you’re telling your brand’s story in an authentic, not overly sales-y way that answers your target audience’s ques­tions and demonstrates to them that you and your service are the answer to their prayers.
  • Builds your expert reputation. As people respond positively to your content marketing pieces, trust in you and your brand grow. Over time, people begin to see you as an expert in your field or specialty. You become a valuable resource, and a sig­nificant number of your followers will become your clients.
  • Creates engagement. Timely, relevant pieces that interest and engage your readers are the main ingredients of content marketing. When someone responds to a question you posted on Twitter, replies to your blog post or answers an emailed question, the prospective customer has made the decision to reach out to you. This gives you the opportunity to deepen your relationship with them and ultimately, hopefully, get the sale.

Let’s look at some ways you can use content marketing on your website to grow your service business.

Content that solves a problem

Content marketing requires a softer touch than other forms of mar­keting. You can still sell, but your message needs to be more helpful than sales-y. Why do people request your service?Because they have a problem that only you can solve. You’re not a provider of X, Y or Z service; you’re a problem solver.

What if you offer a resume-writing service, for example? What problem do you solve? You’re not just selling resumes. You’re selling a brand-new life for someone who wants to move up in the world or transition into a new career. Their problem is, they’re tired of being passed over for jobs for which they’d be a perfect fit. Think about the problems you solve with the services you’re offering and craft content that does just that. This shows prospects that you’re the best person for the job.

Content marketing is viral marketing

Content marketing is, in large part, about sharing. Create helpful, interesting and informative content that your viewers will want to share with their friends. Well-written blog posts, insightful infographics and how-to videos that solve a problem your website visitors have is a great way to encourage sharing behavior. Ask your visitors to share the content with their friends, and make it easy to do so by including share buttons for sites like and Twitter. In this way, your marketing messages get much wider distribution beyond their original audience.

Content is more than just the written word

People share valuable content with friends and colleagues even more readily than they do product or service information. So content is a very viral type of marketing and gets passed along more often than pure sales messages.Not all content has to be an article, book or blog post. If you have the means and the technical know-how, you can also create how-to videos, host a podcast, conduct a webinar or create infographics that highlight your expertise.

Posting regular, dynamic content like this will not only make your website “sticky” by encouraging return visits, but it will be shareable and highly popular. In fact, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. And infographics are actively shared by users on social media.

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